We have considerable experience in working with institutions at every stage of collaborative funded projects (the Wellcome Trust, UKRI, GCRF, Industrial Strategy, NIHR), from initiation meetings with key partners and stakeholders to ongoing project review and idea generation workshops. We understand that the need for institutions and partners to collaborate and work together continues once funding has been secured and throughout the life of the project.
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How does it work?

As with all our events, we start by talking to you about the outcomes you and your partners and collaborators want to achieve. With a clearer picture of your needs, we design and facilitate meetings and workshops which enable you to have the conversations you need to have for a successful project.

What could your event involve?

We cover a number of areas, depending on the stage of your project.

  • We know that sometimes there is a lengthy delay between your application for funding and the successful start of your project. Initiation meetings are beneficial in providing clarity and focus for all partners from the beginning of the grant. Many of our clients have commented that these meetings to create a shared vision from the start result in project teams identifying and achieving milestones more effectively.
  • When teams are based in diverse geographical locations, often around the world, regular communication is key. Project review workshops provide a great opportunity for partners to come together and review progress of the research. They also give you the chance to plan for the next stage of the project grant.
  • Working with industry partners is a key element of most collaborative projects. Facilitated workshops help to build strong and mutually beneficial partnerships between all parties involved. These relationships and conversations are key in identifying and agreeing future research opportunities and priorities too.
What our participants say

“Our thanks to you and the team for helping us navigate our way through a pretty significant piece of work for us, in the scheme of things. No small or easy task. We were pleased with the outcome and we have since received positive feedback from other colleagues.”
Collaboratorium Manager


“An awesome day – advice given, ideas swapped, connections made, all to ensure we translate research into policy.”
Programme Head

“There was a lot of really positive feedback today and the panel were impressed by the projects that were pitched.”
Senior Portfolio Manager