By bringing the right people together and supporting them to have the right conversations, we deliver bespoke events that lead to exciting new research ideas and collaborations, original solutions to challenges and much more besides. We look after the process so that you can concentrate on the content. Get in touch for a no obligation chat about your objectives and how we could support you.

How does it work?

Each client is different and the outcomes you are looking for will vary too. We start by working with you to understand fully what you want to achieve and then we design and facilitate an event – or series of them – to deliver that. Our approach encompasses:

  • Building trust – we understand how important your project is to you and that you need to feel comfortable with us.
  • Understanding your context – we all have experience of working in the academic research world and we build on that knowledge with your specific circumstances, discipline and context.
  • Making use of new and different methods – staid and unimaginative events do not inspire creativity, so we find the right balance of comfort and novelty to achieve your aims.
  • Action planning – sometimes the discussion and exploration is all you need, but when the time is right we can help you to plan your next steps and do great things.
What will your event look like?
Every group we work with is different so every event is unique. We specialise in short events, recognising that people are increasingly busy with more demands on their time. We are sensitive to what happens in the room on the day, adapting our approach in response
if necessary, for example if more discussion time is needed or a new and unexpected idea arises. During the event, participants will be engaged and feel comfortable to contribute; they will leave enthused and keen to participate again in the next stage.
Our facilitated events include:
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Idea-generation seminars
  • Network creation kick-off events
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration events
  • Large-scale-networking events
  • Research team away days and development sessions
  • Industry days
  • Strategy workshops
  • And many more...

Our events have many outcomes, including – but not limited to – innovative research proposals, novel collaborations, new directions for funding or research and links between researchers and industry.

Get in touch for a no obligation chat about your objectives and how we could support you.